Travis Strahan is offering the most accurate 1911 design in the world today. Travis has previously built many pistols used by Herschel Anderson, who still holds the National Record of 2680 out of a possible 2700 in the conventional Bullseye Pistol Competition with open sights. Travis has also supplied competition pistols to champions Bonnie Harmon, B.J. Hile, R. D. Whitacre, and M. D. Black.

These radically new pistols incorporate Travis' US patent number 6,116,137 in the barrel/slide lockup system designated Accu-Lock. It utilizes a matching gear design cut between the barrel and slide that ensures a consistent and positive lockup each time the slide moves forward prior to firing. It is unlike conventional 1911 bushing designs that depend on the bushing tolerances for accuracy. This innovation eliminates virtually all friction in the system.
The reduced friction results in the longer term accuracy potential which is is far greater than any other design on the market today.

Colt, Kart, or KKM Match Grade Barrels Available:
Simply the finest available to the competitive shooter.

What does this mean to you as a shooter?
Zero your sights or scope once for the desired range and load, and you're done! Call your shots and know they will be there. Own an Accu-Lock if you want the best available in the market. This will allow you to focus on your competition technique instead of worrying about your pistol performance.

According to Herschel Anderson, "This the most accurate pistol that I have ever shot. A very forgiving pistol that always shoots exactly where you call it or better. I have known Travis for over 40 years and he has built many guns for me. I believe this is his finest work to date."

Travis' Newest Model:
This new combat carry gun is the finest shooter ever made, Click here to see the 'Options' page for more info!

All pistols are tested and personally certified by two-time Olympian Herschel Anderson. You will receive a certificate and test target signed by both Travis and Hershel to accompany this fine addition to your competition box. These pistols will be custom built on a first come, first serve basis. Please see the 'Ordering' page for information on how to obtain the most consistently accurate competition pistol made today.