The History of the Man Behind the Invention:
Travis Strahan began accurizing firearms for the United States Army in 1956. He is one of the finest armorers to have worked at the US Army AMU. Travis has provided competition pistols to champions Hershel Anderson, Bonnie Harmon, B.J. Hile, R. D. Whitacre, and M. D. Black. All of these shooters are distinguished champions and hold records still unbeaten today. Anyone having the privilege of owning and shooting one of Travisís accurized firearms knows that they have experienced the best.

Travis holds many innovative patents for the 1911 pistol along with one of the best pistol rests; including:

- Platform Ramp Sight 4,192,075 Mar 11, 1980
- Stepped Platform Ramp Sight: 4,244,114 Jan 13, 1981
- Anti Recoil Device 4,833,808 Feb 12, 1988
- Firearm Safety Lock 6,405,470 Jun 14, 2000
- Slide and Barrel Coupler 6,116,137 Sep 12, 2000
- Gun Rest D506 521 Jun 21, 2005

He has designed the most precise slide/barrel lockup mechanism available which contributes greatly to the inherent accuracy of his firearms. It is by far the most consistently accurate 1911 pistol because there is no concern for bushing wear or consistently positive lockup. Travis has designed special tooling to cut the exact required angles every time to maintain consistency in workmanship. These custom 1911ís have an accurate shooting life far exceeding anything else available.

Strahan Accu-Lock 1911
Travis Strahan has decided to make his Accu-Lock designs widely available. Travis has spent the last 7 years training John Norris to perform the accurizing work in order to not lose the availability of these pistols. These pistols will be test fired by Hershel Anderson.

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